Diane G

“Pilates has physical and mental benefits - I could not have survived the pandemic without it. I don’t feel good when I miss a class - I love my Pilates class and Meg!”

Melissa H

“Meg is a fabulous fitness coach, with deep and wide knowledge of so many aspects of becoming and staying healthy. Her Pilates classes and amazing anatomy awareness have added definition to my muscles and healed long term issues. AND her drive to incorporate Tabata and circuits is really taking me to a new level of fitness. I love working with her!” ”

Sue S

“Pilates changed my entire outlook on movement - I can get in and out of a car without a problem, my shoulders and hips are so much more fluid, and I can easily bend down and touch my toes again! I look forward to my sessions and can actually see as well as feel the improvements!”

Ed L

“Meg’s TRX/Pilates circuits are such a great balance of movement; challenging with an added stretching element. I feel stronger and taller at the same time (plus it’s a blast!”)

Carolina B

“I started working out with Meg before surgery to correct a prolapse after the birth of my son; her mindful, kind way of getting me out of my head and into healing my body enabled me to sail through surgery and recovery - I feel better now than I did before I became pregnant!””

Mary Jane P

“Meg’s personalized Pilates instruction has kept me motivated and working consistently for the past 2 years, and I see and feel the results. I really am leaner, stronger and firmer and in the best shape of my life”.

Ann P

“Meg is an excellent instructor that takes a personalized approach to each client. Meg goes above and beyond to design the best program she can for each client. We greatly appreciate her!!”